Chickensh*t Comment Opens Can of Worms After Going Viral

While Ebola has been traced back to bat excrement, it’s ‘chickensh*t’ that’s making news at the moment. The revelation that a ‘senior official’ in the Obama administration accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being a ‘chickensh*t’ is getting significant traction; it’s actually going viral days away from an election. Steve Hayes made an excellent point that garnered a ridiculous attempt to defend the administration by trusty liberal lackey Juan Williams, who then waved the white flag when given the opportunity to respond again.

Hayes’ point is that the Obama administration has never come close to using the rhetoric it levies against Israel on a country like Iran:

As to who made the comment, Doug Ross speculates that “senior administration official” could refer to Valerie Jarrett. While that is indeed conjecture, it certainly would explain the administration’s refusal to fire the person who made the comment. Ain’t no way Jarrett would be fired; she’s the closest person to both Barack and Michelle. Ironically, Jarrett was born in Iran and clearly seems to have more affinity for that country than Israel.

There are, after all, only so many “senior administration official(s)” to go around.

State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was asked if the Obama administration would apologize to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for senior official’s charge that Netanyahu is a “chickensh*t”. In her response, Psaki tacitly conceded the comment was made but showed no interest in apologizing or confirming that the person would be held accountable.

AP reporter Matt Lee made reference to how quickly Vice President picked up the phone and called Turkey’s President Erdogan and the Saudis to apologize for his comments about how they have handled the situation in Syria.

Here are the tweets from Senator Ted Cruz that Lee was referring to:


When White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked by a Reuters reporter if there would be an effort by the administration to find the source of the comment and punish said person, she too did so while juxtaposing with a salient example of when the White House sought out and punished an anonymous tweeter. Nonetheless, as was the case with Psaki, Earnest essentially conceded the comment was made but likewise conceded there would be no accountability:

Fox News reporter Ed Henry also challenged Earnest on the double standard:

Here is Netanyahu responding to the ‘chickensh*t’ insult. Ironically, his response demonstrates that he is not as they say, a ‘chickensh*t’.


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