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American Government Plan Will Lead To The Annihilation Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat It has been pointed out many times by the superficial media, that the Syrian Islamic uprising began with “pro democracy” movements. Well, through detailed documentation, it will be found that the Islamic invasion of Syria was actually planned years ago, in great part, by the American government. This unraveling also reveals that […]

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Obama’s Brother Works With Muslim Who Murdered Christian Man

By Theodore Shoebat It has been proven, on the Shoebat website, many a time that Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, works with Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim dictator of North Sudan. Well today it was reported that Omar al-Bashir bombed a Christian area in the South Kordofan state, in which they dropped three bombs on Damardago village; […]

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Lesson 1: Mahdi vs. Antichrist

Today we bring you the first of several installments of Walid’s End Times Today (ETD) series. Prior to this post, ETD was available on DVD as a 13-part series. Our intent here is to break those 13 parts up into several smaller parts and present you with one clip per day that will last approximately […]

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