Obama’s Brother Works With Muslim Who Murdered Christian Man

By Theodore Shoebat

It has been proven, on the Shoebat website, many a time that Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, works with Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim dictator of North Sudan.

Well today it was reported that Omar al-Bashir bombed a Christian area in the South Kordofan state, in which they dropped three bombs on Damardago village; one Christian man was killed and a 13 year old Christian girl was injured. This occurred as a result of Omar al-Bashir’s policy of complete annihilation of Christianity in the region.

Timotuos, was a member of the Sudanese Church of Christ, received burns from the attack.

These are Christians being murdered by a man Obama’s own brother works with. It is no wonder why Obama prevented the revolution against Omar al-Bashir. As I wrote in 2012:

Obama had at one point in time prevented Salva Kiir, [the Christian president] president of South Sudan, from aiding rebels who wanted to topple al-Bashir’s regime, and replace it with a secular government.



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