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Islam Not Mentioned in Honor Killing Report

Gruesome murder of stepdaughter by Muslim fundamentalist, issues of Islam or “honor killing” not even mentioned in Fox affiliate report. No report at all from other main Stream Media. Politicians and Media from both parties complicit in downfall of America. We the people are all that are left to fight the Islamo fascists. Original Report

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Undercover Mosque: Mainstream Mosque in UK Preaches Violence and Hate Towards Non-Believers

This documentary was released July 2007 by the program “Dispatches.” Moderate Mosques that teach: abuse of women, only to accept Islamic rule, not to ever accept true friendship with Christians and Jews, underage marriage, and more “beautiful Islamic” ideas. Click Here to View Video Clip

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A Politically Incorrect Message for the “Holidays”

As a “right wing Jewish extremist” as many of my fellow Jews might describe me, so as to isolate me from the “lamestream” I have a question as to why Jewish Liberals find the celebration of Chanukah as the most important of all Jewish festivals to actively and proudly celebrate in America. Passover, Tabernacles and […]

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