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Hamas Just Wish to Remove the “Occupation,” Really?

The elitist left like to tell us that it is only the Occupation, they ignore the Hamas Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and killing of all Jews. We have shown the brutality and out right evil of ISIS terrorists with their mass executions of POWs, innocents and Christians in Iraq and Syria. […]

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Latest News on Egyptian Crisis

Another great article from our friends at Bare Naked Islam:   Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Mahmoud Ghezlan told the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the militant group will neither speak nor meet with Israeli officials. He added that the Brotherhood’s stance on Israel is unwavering and not up for discussion. ORIGINAL STORY: obama-will-speed-up-the-pace-of-us-taypayers-money-sent-to-the-muslim-brotherhood-in-egypt The Blaze  “It’s illogical to have […]

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Israel acts because the world will not defend her

The Times January 7, 2009 Daniel Finkelstein Israel acts because the world won’t defend it The scenes from Gaza are heartbreaking. But the whole conflict could be avoided if the Palestinians said one small thing. It was strictly forbidden to have a notebook in Belsen, but my Aunt Ruth had one anyway. Just a little […]

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