Hamas Just Wish to Remove the “Occupation,” Really?

The elitist left like to tell us that it is only the Occupation, they ignore the Hamas Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and killing of all Jews.

We have shown the brutality and out right evil of ISIS terrorists with their mass executions of POWs, innocents and Christians in Iraq and Syria. When you have no army or police force to protect your country this is what fundamentalist Muslims will do. The Western countries are doing very little to help and save their Christian brethren; so if the Jews get overun by this Muslim horde what will the “civilized” world do to stop the second holocaust of the Jews – the answer is the same as they did the first time little or nothing. So when a thousand innocent Arab civilians get killed in a war of self defense Israel has every right not only because they have the right to defend themselves but why should they listen to these Euro bastards who ignored the plight of the Jews in the 1930s and 40s. These leftists also seem to have no concern for the hundreds of thousands of dead civilians in Syria or Iraq. Hypocrites!



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