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Every Pastor Must Be Armed

By Theodore Shoebat When we look at the news going around, with churches being vandalized by Muslims in Indiana, satanists attacking Christians and sinister reprobates opening fire at congregations, what do we realize? Every pastor needs to be armed. They need to be armed to protect themselves and their congregations. All churches need armed security. […]

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Why Pastors don’t fight Evil

When it comes to neutered leaders, politicians and pastors are at the top of the list. The dishonesty of politicians is expected; it’s a dirty game that’s played in the natural. Pastors, however, are supposed to constantly be striving for righteousness and fighting with the sword of truth, without regard for the natural; it’s actually […]

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Pastor Receives This Message: “You must leave the region or you’ll die.”

By Theodore Shoebat In Columbia, recently, a pastor received this letter from the socialist-marxist organization, FARC: You must leave the region or you’ll die. The socialists also included a photo of a coffin alongside the letter. The socialists, as they always have, want to massacre the Christians in Colombia. They are no different than the […]

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