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Muslims Produce Fake Video with Fake Police Officer to Demonstrate Muslim Discrimination

We saw this a few days ago and didn’t post it because it included claims that the Police officer in the highly suspicious video is a Muslim could not be confirmed. While this still has not been confirmed, there is convincing sentiment that the entire episode was staged (even by former law enforcement officers) and […]

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Fox News Panelist GOES OFF on Islam and says ‘Aren’t All Muslims Suspect’?

The panel on Fox News Channel’s Cashin’ In with Eric Bolling was nearly unanimous in its support for profiling Muslims (save for the Democratic strategist on the bottom right-hand corner). Jonathan Hoenig (top right-hand corner) took it to another level, even saying that the last war the U.S. won involved putting Japanese Americans in internment […]

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CAIR Sues US Government for asking Muslims how often they Pray

If the United States had identified the real enemy after 9/11, this probably wouldn’t be an issue but CAIR is now suing the US Government for religious discrimination for asking Muslims who were re-entering the country about how often they prayed. Via CNSNews: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a lawsuit against the […]

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