Muslims Produce Fake Video with Fake Police Officer to Demonstrate Muslim Discrimination

We saw this a few days ago and didn’t post it because it included claims that the Police officer in the highly suspicious video is a Muslim could not be confirmed. While this still has not been confirmed, there is convincing sentiment that the entire episode was staged (even by former law enforcement officers) and passed off as real in an effort to show Muslims are unfairly discriminated against.

Attempts to get a response from the producers of the video have also been unsuccessful, which serves as another red flag.

The video, featuring Muslim activists Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar shows two men arguing and shoving each other while walking past a New York City cop who does nothing. Some minutes later, the same two men are dressed in Muslim attire and doing the same thing; this time the cop gets involved and ends up putting each man up against the wall.

Voila! Muslims are profiled! Added irony comes with the title of the YouTube video (“Racial Profiling Experiment”). Since Islam is not a race, the title is fraudulent too:

Despite the fact that this smacks of a bad Pallywood production, the UK Daily Mirror actually ran a story on the video based on a premise that it was legitimate, even calling the two men “YouTube stars”.

A tweet by a man who claims to have been NYPD raises questions that the two “YouTube” stars have yet to respond to (h/t GWP):


A commenter at GWP going by the moniker of “FlatFoot” is quite convincing in his explanation as to why he thinks the video is a fake:

As a 25-year veteran LEO, I can assure you that video is absolutely, most definitely fake. First off, they blurred the Officer’s face in the video. Why on earth would they do that if this is a legit video? Second, while the uniform badge and shoulder patches appear to be legitimate or convincing fakes, the portrayed “NYPD Officer” is missing his street-beat uniform REQUIRED collar Precinct ID number pins, which should be “109” for that area. I won’t even get into the approach, the ‘I want to die today or at least be severely injured’ stance, the horrific tactics of keeping his back to one of the subjects at all times until he shoves the 2nd subject to the down roll-up door, and the completely off-guard posture of the so-called “NYPD Police Officer” is horrendously laughable. His ‘cursory pat down’ for weapons, and I’m guessing that’s what that was supposed to be, does not include the fronts of their person(s), at all. The so-called “Police Officer” doesn’t even have a Communications Radio attached to his holster belt ffs. Just a cell phone clipped to his pocket. Where that was filmed is across from the New York Mets stadium, Citi Field, and at or near the corner of 126th Street and 39th Ave, Flushing, New York, NY.

Suddenly the question about whether the guy impersonating a police officer is a Muslim seems quite a bit more relevant. In fact, if it is a crime to impersonate a police officer and this guy did so while making a propaganda video to promote a fake hate crime as real, was a crime committed?


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