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Hypersensitive Muslim Bullies and Useful Idiots Angry with Politician For Trying to Cure His Islamophobia

People afflicted with Aviophobia should force themselves to get on an airplane; people with Agoraphobia should force themselves to leave the house; people with Blennophobia should slime themselves; and people with Islamophobia should confront Islam. When Canada’s Prime Minister attempted to do just that, Muslim groups in Canada demanded he apologize. According to CBC News, […]

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Canadian Muslims Whining that Prime Minister Not Coming to their Defense after Terror Attacks

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not speaking out against an alleged anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of the recent terror attacks in that country. Considering the history of Muslims when it comes to faking hate crimes [here, and here], Harper is likely doing the right thing. Predictably, Muslims in Canada are not happy with […]

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Muslim Group Sues for Libel when Truth about them Told

Most people are familiar with the saying, ‘the truth hurts’. What they’re not familiar with is the Muslim version of that saying, which is: the truth hurts, so sue anyone who tells it. This mantra is now officially on display in Canada after Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to apologize after his spokesman rightly identified […]

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Canadian Prime Minister gives USA lesson on leadership

If you’re an American who thinks there is a leadership vacuum on your continent, take a look north of your border; that vacuum may be getting filled in Canada. The Prime Minister there is playing hardball with the Palestinian Authority. Via Arutz Sheva: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally intervened to pressure Palestinian Authority Chairman […]

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