Video: Rick Warren and the Cult of Chrislam to which he belongs

Would you rather be a Christian whose faith and belief is so strong that you’d accept being called a bigot for it or would you cede parts of your faith in order to be perceived as tolerant, all-encompasing, or – dare I say it – lukewarm? In light of what Jesus did for those who believe in Him, a willingness on the part of those believers to wear the “bigot” label seems like the least they could do.

But alas, there are so-called “Christian” church leaders – like Rick Warren – who have decided to sign a document with Islamists – including Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and CAIR’s National Director, Nihad Awad – that says Christians and Muslims worship the same God. As the video below explains, that is fundamentally impossible. By signing that document, Rick Warren and others have denied the Trinity as well as a belief that rests at the core of Christianity – that Jesus is the Son of God who died for the sins of man. In other words, the “Christian” Church leaders who signed “A Common Word between us and you” have officially renounced their own faith.

But, hey, at least they can’t be called bigots, right?

**CORRECTION** The document signed by Rick Warren and other apologist pastors was NOT “A Common Word.” These pastors signed a document drafted in response to that document, called “Loving God and Neighbor Together.” The response document basically affirmed what the signatories of the initial document were seeking – dhimmitude.

Hopefully, after watching that video, you’ll look at these “Coexist” bumper stickers a little differently…



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  • mumm

    In respect to the Yale document, most people are confused and cannot understand why so many Christian leaders would sign the “Common Word”. In fact, no Christian leader of evangelical persuasion has signed “A Common Word”. What was signed was a response by a group of devout individuals to the common word. A letter written in response to a letter. This response has been widely misunderstood and all sorts of accusations of heresy thrown at those who drafted that response and those who signed it.

    Primarily, the response was written not as a theological treatise, but as a way to pave the ground for discussions away from the normal hostile pattern that exists today. If you read the actual response, there is very little concession given to any orthodox Christian position. Some express that it claims we are worshipping the same God. It does not even do that. Those who believe that this is the intent of the authors read that into the way it is written. When I first read this document as it came out, I certainly did not read it after this manner. In fact, if you first read the “Common Word” which is written by Muslim clerics, you will see that the Yale response holds to a very orthodox position while expressing it kindly and at that stage not challenging the many assertions in “A Common Word”.

    That being said, these documents have taken on a life and meaning of their own and as a result some of the original signers of the response have withdrawn their signatures while others have retained them because the original intent was as an opening, intro letter to invite Muslim Clerics and Christian leaders to have a more congenial discussion. There is much more going on here than I certainly understand or am aware of.

  • docmccarthy

    Clearly, Mumm, you don’t understand islam; apparently so do many big names in the protestant/Catholic community. Sadly, I see a number of Catholic nuns who have signed this document, whatever it is. A document does not need to be signed to show respect – actions speak louder than words. Islam is firstly, not a religion. It is an ideological system that is designed to control people, very similar to the totalitarian regimes of communism and nazi-ism.

    Sadly, just a cursory bit of research by these, so called Christians should send them fleeing from any document that would link themselves to islam. Dr. Faustus comes to mind… I don’t know how these people could even begin to toy with the idea that their God, the true God, triune, could ever, ever be mistaken with the god of islam. A god that was originally a Moon god, hence the “religion’s” symbol.
    This is exeedingly astonishing that any Catholic clergy (nun, deacon, priest, …) would sign this document, and ufotuantely, it is easy to find a number of catholic names. Protestants, whatever their divergent paths, gave up the direct line to Christ when they embarked on their own interpretation. I am not surprised they are heading toward islam. You see, they follow the breeze, with ease. No discipline, blind acceptance. There will never be a linking with islam – they do not worship the same god.

    Now, there can only be one God in the universe. Otherwise, the universe would not exist. How could there be competing infinite intelligences. The Bible tells us who God is. Allah is not this God. Now, Jesus exorcised demons, so clearly, there is evil in the universe. After reading the koran, this evil is the evil of satan. Don’t try to pacify satan; you will only lose. Satan tempted Christ, offering him dominion over the world. Jesus rejected satans offer – Mohammed did NOT. Hence, he scribbled down a lot of evil that is today called islam. Since satan revealed the koran, word for word, Mohammedans would like you to believe it is the true words from god. Sure, the god satan, who is not really a god, but with a lot of fear and intimidation, you can get people to go along with it. islam is all about subjugation. Christianity is all about freedom.

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  • TheSharperWon

    When I saw them earlier this year, the spirit within me said…not so. Folks who name the name of CHrist and have the Holy Spirit on the inside of them will hear the voice! No confusion here!