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Video: Obama State Department refuses to identify Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The video exchange below is jaw-dropping enough but the Right Scoop has posted an interesting juxtaposition that makes it even more disturbing. First, here is an exchange between a member of the press and State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland. Via Right Scoop: Contrast that with Obama Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan who, while speaking to […]

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Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder says Islam not responsible for Jihad in France

Ok, this is rich. The French Jihadist behind the Toulouse shootings hate crimes was a Sunni who had ties to Al-Qaeda, which is an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. The grandson of Hassan al-Banna, Tariq Ramadan, has not denounced his grandfather. In fact, all signs point to his having the utmost reverence for him. […]

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Lone Jihadist Ranger (Part II of II) by Walid Shoebat

In Part I, Walid exposed the absurdity of any argument that identifies French Jihadist, Muhammad Merah as a lone wolf. In Part II, he explains the significance of the black flag used by Jihadists in general, al-Qaeda in particular, while relating his personal experiences that back up these claims. To view Part I, CLICK HERE. […]

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Lone Jihadist Ranger (Part I of II) by Walid Shoebat

The Shoebat Foundation’s Walid Shoebat has a very uniquely qualified take on the recent French jihadist murders. Below is Part I. Part II will be posted by Noon EST on March 29th so be sure to check back… WAS MERAH A LONE (JIHADIST) RANGER? – PART 1 By Walid Shoebat Was French Jihadist, Muhammad Merah […]

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