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Hollywood Actor George Clooney Arrested while protesting Muslim Brotherhood leader

Yes, you read that headline correct. Not only was George Clooney arrested after storming the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C. but so were various Democratic congressmen. The man Clooney was protesting was none other than Omar al-Bashir, Northern Sudan’s leader. Bashir is also responsible for funding Joseph Kony, the subject of the viral Kony 2012 […]

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CAIR Channels 9/11 Truthers; alleges “NYPD-CIA-Israeli” Conspiracy

It appears that a leader with CAIR New York is having delusions of persecution in response to revelations that NYPD was conducting surveillance on Muslim groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. You know, like CAIR. Via IPT: Council on American-Islamic Relations-New York (CAIR-NY) board member Lamis Deek espoused anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist views in a […]

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