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Greek Farmer Sick Of Muslim “Refugees” Illegally Squatting On His Land Gets Out His Tractor And Plows Over Their Tents, Runs Them Off

Now this is the way to handle the situation. Those Muslims are illegally occupying this farmer’s land which he uses to earn his living. It is actually a good analogy with Europe today, as Muslims are living illegally of the provisions of another while contributing nothing except waste. This farmer took matters into his own […]

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Muslim Perverts Try To Rape Two Women Publicly, The Police Do NOTHING About It And They Try To Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Of course the German police are not going to say anything. Like at the Nuremberg Trials, their defense is “Merkel told us so.” That is still no excuse for immoral behavior. Merkel only has as much power to abuse the German people in as much as the police, military, and other governmental organs allow her to. They […]

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Gang Of 17-Year-Old Muslim Thugs Beat Up 9-Year-Old German Boy For Fun And Attack His Parents, German Police Come And Beat Up The German Boy’s Father And Say That It’s His Fault Because He Provoked The Muslims

This video has been working its way around the German and European Media. I have transcribed the entire text below. Folks, this is the future of America and Europe if we are not careful- these Muslims are coming to kill us, our children, and rob our civilization and the government is enabling it. The traitor Merkel has […]

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EU Politician Says “Europe Must Embrace “Diversity” Or Face War,” Calls For The Religious, Ethnic, And Cultural Destruction Of Europe And Then Claims Europeans “Never Existed”

Muslims suicide bombers strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up on buses. Western Politicians do the same thing but with cleverly crafted laws and statements that mask religious, cultural, and ethnic genocide under the guise of “diversity.” This speech was given by Franz Timmermans in October 2015 at the first EU Fundamental Rights […]

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“Islam Has No Place In Germany” German Political Party Calls For Banning All Mosques And The Koran Because They “Spread Lies And Deception”

It is taking longer than it should, but the German people are waking up to the reality that Islam comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and they have to get rid of it like a cancer before it consumes them. Chancellor Merkel’s support continues to decline in spite of her increasingly tyrannical behavior. German political […]

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Belgian Government Wants New “Migrants” To Sign An “Integration Pledge” Promising They Will Be Good And Obey The Laws, Yet Muslim “Refugees” Are Exempt From It

This is so stupid I can hardly believe it, yet it proves again that truth is always stranger than fiction. Asking grown men, fully capable of making mature decisions and taking responsibility for the consequences, are being asked to sign a pledge promising they will obey the laws of the country, when most of the recent arrivals […]

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War Brews On The Horizon- US Military Delivers 5000 TONS Of Ammunition To Germany For “Training Exercises”

  The news media says this is for “training purposes,” but I highly doubt it. Especially in light of the Muslim chaos in Germany and the US’ threats directed against Russia. The real question to ask is “Are those round FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) or JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)?” Because if the answer is JHP, […]

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Islam Is A Punishment From God For Apostasy- Catholic Priest Arrested By French Government For Preaching Against Islam Tells It Like It Is In Interview With Polish Magazine

Fr. Guy Pages is a French Catholic Priest and the Author of the French book Interrogate Islam. He is criticized for being “too hard” on Islam, when in reality he is one of the few French clergy who is brave enough to take on the issue in spite of public pressure. As Fr. Pages says, Islam is […]

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Massive Movement Of US Military Equipment For Exercises Against Russia

A massive US Military convoy was spotted driving through eastern Germany, presumably with the intention of conducting massive military activities with Germany against Russia. As I noted last week, there is something strange going on with how the west- and Germany in particular– is literally allowing itself to be invaded by Muslim hordes, while at the […]

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“Of Course We Want Our People To Come Back. The Western Governments Caused This Migration.” Must Read Interview With Syrian President Asad About Refugee Crisis

President Asad of Syria has been under attack from the United States and other western governments for almost a decade now. Regardless of what one thinks of him, he deserves a lot of respect because in spite of the fact that Syria is a Muslim majority country and he is an Alawite Muslim himself, (a) […]

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Why Listen To Ridiculous Protestant Conspiracies About The Catholic Church When You Can Read About The Real Thing? Five Great Books More About Real Conspiracies In The Catholic Church Written By Respectable Catholics.

Having been raised Catholic and in a liberal area of the country, it was not until I was in middle school that I was exposed to the abundance of anti-Catholic propaganda that is so characteristically ound in American society. As I grew, I learned that there are a LOT of people who have some rather […]

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He Cries Himself Every Night To Sleep Since The Attack- Update On The 10-Year-Old Who Was Anally Raped By That Muslim Refugee Because “I Needed Sex”- Police Say They Must Be “Sensitive” About “Migrants” because “They Have Been Through A Lot”

The boy’s mother Notice how there are so few pictures of the woman for this story, or how this story is hardly to be found online, reported on only from a local newspaper. This is one way of how the European governments are trying to cover up “refugee” crimes- by not reporting them or reporting […]

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The Corruption Of The American Woman In Pictures

A must-read post from Chateau Heartiste, discussing the harmful effects that feminism can have but displayed in pictures. Keep in mind, the corruption in this example took place over the course of actually two years. It’s a little crude, the point it makes is very simple: America corrupts her women, and America corrupts wherever She goes. […]

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Pope Francis Is Preparing The Way For The Antichrist- Is Your Soul Ready?

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece does NOT suggest that the Pope is the Antichrist or the false prophet or that the Catholic Church is not the one, true Church. To the contrary, it is meant to highlight and point out certain very dangerous trends of notable spiritual significance that are taking place under the current pope.  We at […]

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Islam Is Just A Social Variety Of Kaposi’s Sarcoma- You Can Only Contract It If You Have No Moral Immune System

Kaposi’s Sarcoma is a defining disease for HIV patients. In other words, if a person in known to have HIV and contracts KS, then medically speaking he has made the transition from being infected with the HIV virus to having full-blown AIDS. What makes KS such a signature disease is that it is only able to […]

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