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Police Report: George Floyd Was On Meth While He Was Being Arrested

It has been almost a year since George Floyd’s death. However, after the protests have died down and the public rage under control and the trial for Officer Chauvin starting, new evidence has emerged that, according to police finding and reports, George Floyd was on methamphetamine and other drugs while he was being arrested. During […]

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Don’t Blame Biden- Anyone Who Gets Upset Over Trump’s Recent Statements Should Have Been Angrier Instead Of Incessantly Chanting “That’s My President” Over The Last Four Years

Right now, a lot of people on the political right are up in arms over statements from Trump- standing with him in solidarity of course -over his recent statements that the US is being DESTROYED at the Southern border because of migrants. Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden’s handling of the border crisis, saying […]

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New AI Technology Able To Find What Faces A Man Likes Just By Looking At Brain Waves

The human mind is the physical side-physical processing unit of the body that connects to the soul The brain is material, and passes away, but the soul, that which gives consciousness, does not. As a result of this, body and soul work together. Thus while the concept of ‘human cloning’ has been around for a […]

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The Vaccine Passports Are Coming

With the current COVID crisis not going away, and as and other sites have reported, based on information and reports from multiple news outlets, government reports, and private studies, because there is a strong chance this virus will not fully disappear until about 2027 (another politically interesting year), the question is if “vaccine passports”, […]

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In A Complete Non-Surprise, Suddenly Waves Of Migrants Are Flooding The US Border

One of my favorite political campaign ads was when Tennessee representative Marsha Blackburn, a Republican, won by attacking her Democrat opponent, Phil Bredesen, during the time of the “migrant caravan” from Central America to the US- which also is something that happens multiple times a year -as being filled with GANG MEMBERS, PEOPLE FROM THE […]

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Biden Brain Bust On Television, Forgets The Name Of The Pentagon And Secretary Of Defense Name

Poor Joe Biden. Love him or hate him, as I said before, the man is being mistreated by those closest to him for the purposes of power and manipulation for political ends. Now as it is being reported, Biden has made another mistake, forgetting the name of the Pentagon and his Secretary of Defense. President […]

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Hopes Crushed For Those Who “Trust[ed] The Plan” From “QAnon” After Supreme Court Rejects Final Appeal On 2020 Election Results

Love him or hate him, and regardless of the genuine irregularities and questions that existed, just like the Bush 2000 “victory” with five questionable counties in Florida supporting Bush, so the same but for five states supporting Biden clearly indicated that Biden was going to be elected or selected as the next President. Many people […]

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Of Course It’s The Debt, Because It’s Just Playing Economic Musical Chairs At This Point

With a third stimulus check likely on the way, The Hill reports that the talk of “free money” is not actually free, but is, as I have warned, coming at the ballooning of the Federal debt that is going to cause far more economic problems than anything it pretends to solve. While there are undoubtedly […]

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Prepare For Another Migration Crisis As Now Senegal Has ‘Apocalyptic’ Protests Throughout The Nation

Senegal is a West African nation on the Atlantic coast that for all the troubles that African nations are known to have, is comparatively more ‘stable’ than others. However, according to the BBC, Senegal is now going up in flames amid a nationwide crisis being described as apocalyptic. A top Senegalese official whose job is […]

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Massive Famine May Happen In Yemen, Worse Than What Is Now

Yemen, a small Arabian nation of 29 million near the horn of Africa in the Arabian Peninsula, is suffering gravely from war with Saudi Arabia and an already existing food crisis. However, according to Euronews, there is a possibility she may see a famine, as the nation is already suffering gravely. Yemen faces a famine […]

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Pope Francis Has Meeting With Major Shiite Cleric, Invites Jews But They Do Not Attend

We have always opposed Islam at, and done so in the context that Muslims, like all men, need Christ for salvation. However, reaching men with the Gospel can take a myriad of ways. Indeed, some of the best preaching is not necessarily screaming at people with a bullhorn or acting in ways that are […]

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Study: Californians Moved, But Mostly In-State

It has been reported for a while that hordes of destructive, arrogant, entitled refugees who overwhelm prosperous regions of the US and turn it into an expensive, socially-broken, morally-diseased, filth-covered hellscape which they previously attempted to flee from- also known as Californians -have been invading Texas and other states such as Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, […]

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Senate Passes COVID Bill Opening The Way For Biden Bucks, Just Like I Told You It Would

Sometimes, children getting presents for something, be it from a parent, relative, for a holiday, a birthday, or something else, is like how many people today view the government. However, government is not supposed to function like this, for once it does- that the people realize they can simply vote for whoever will promise them […]

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Honduras Gives Full Human Rights To Unborn Children

Honduras is an impoverished Central American nation with a lot of problems. However, to the credit of the nation, according to Life News, she has given unborn children the same rights which born children have. The Honduran National Congress strengthened pro-life laws last week by amending the national constitution to declare that unborn babies have […]

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Report; 69% Of US Plans To Get COVID Vaccine

There is a lot of discussion and controversy about the COVID vaccine, raising questions about all things from the nature of the disease to many others. However, in a report from Yahoo! News citing the CDC, 69% of Americans are reporting they intend to receive the vaccine, up from 52% last year. More Americans are […]

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While The US Talks A Lot About Chinese Threats, She Ignores The Ranting Of The Hindu Madmen In Government On The Subcontinent

The US has spend much time talking about China abusing ‘freedom of speech’ and talking about their problems. However, one nation that the US has curiously ignored is India. From everything from Christian persecution that gets worse by the day to the proliferation of scammers destroying elderly America people’s life savings to just some of […]

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