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Navy SEALS Shift From Counterterrorism Operations To “Global” Operations Against China, Russia

If one asked a military commander for the last two decades what the largest threat for US Special Operations to combat was, the answer would almost universally be some form of ‘terrorism’ as a response. While terrorism does indeed pose a threat, the practical reality is that terror groups lack the manpower, money, logistics, technological […]

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Claim: Food Being Looted By Eritrean Soldiers From Tigray

No conflict zone is ever an attractive place, but in Africa, conflict tends to result in some of the worst forms of human suffering, such as starvation, mass murder, and the total annihilation of large areas. According to France 24, there are reports now that Eritrean soldiers are looting Tigray of her food. Eritrean soldiers […]

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China Set To Post First Population Decline In Five Decades

Growth is often used as a mantra of corporate America and those who associate constant expansion with ‘progress’. However, growth is also finite, it does not happen forever, and it is not reasonable to believe in this concept because things just don’t keep growing, as contractions are natural. For many years, the Chinese Communist Party […]

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Russia Puts US On The Top Of “Most Unfriendly” Nations List

Every so many months, there are studies and lists of different kinds published talking about what nations are the “best” to live in, based on what often seems to be a random assortment of criteria. These are popular in the western world, and to a lesser extent (based on what I have seen) in Russia […]

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Bundeswehr Refuses To Provide Figures On Far Right Movements In Her Ranks

There have been several major law enforcement scandals in Germany over the past few years concerning a distinct rise in far-right political ideologies where National Socialism, Hitler, and other related things were found to not just exist, but have a strong, silent following. Given the mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East […]

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Millennial And Zoomer Moving Patterns Re-Shape Political Landscape

One of the trends that has been watching is the changing political patterns do to the movement of Millennials and Zoomers across the country seeking job. While people talk about the “threat” of “migration”, in a sense it really is a threat, except the real enemy is not foreign persons but rather fellow Americans […]

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First The US, Now Mexico Is Having A Water Crisis

One of the factors considered to be highly influential in the migration of Americans from Texas and other Midwest and Southern states to the respective West Coast and Northern regions were the ‘dust bowl’ conditions of the 1930s that when combine with the economic crash of 1929, resulted in mass impoverishment as well as unprecedented […]

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New Domestic Surveillance Program Operated By The Post Office Exposed.

It is known that there are a lot of different surveillance arms within the government, and each one with different points of focus. Many of these are known, but some are not. According to Yahoo! News, a story recently came out that exposed not a hidden agency, but a surveillance program administered by the US […]

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Could Egypt See Another Revolution In A Few Years, Or Perhaps, Will Tigray Have Intervention Sooner Than Expected?

Last year, Egypt’s population reached 100 million, for the continually growing African crossroads between the Middle East, East, Africa, and North Africa by land, and Europe by sea puts her in a critical position in the world. At the same time, Egypt is also a very poor country plagued by corruption and most importantly, an […]

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Recent Letter From Outgoing Amazon CEO Shows Blatant Contempt For Abused Employees

It is one thing to abuse one’s employees. It is another thing to abuse them and then, seemingly intentionally, express a lack of care as to why they were abused and try to make it seem as care. Such seems to have recently taken place as the infamous Amazon CEO has written a letter discussion […]

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Texas Almost Has A Second Round Of Blackouts

Earlier this year, Texas faced a “third world” crisis as the power grid, which operates as a separate entity from the eastern and western connections that interlink all the other states in the US, went dark due to surprise demand and aging infrastructure, two not uncommon problems to any system but a shock to American […]

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Forget About The Housing “Shortage”- Prepare For A Housing Crash

The Wall Street Journal reports that amid the burning desire among seemingly many Americans to buy a home that the nation is in a shortage of four million homes, and suggests that building needs to continue. The U.S. housing market is 3.8 million single-family homes short of what is needed to meet the country’s demand, […]

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China Angry With Turkey Over Refusal To Extradite Uyghur National

This January 2021, I noted a piece from Business Insider that claimed Erdogan was trading fellow Turkic Uyghurs back to China- most likely to be tortured and murdered -in exchange for COVID vaccines. These claims are still debated, in that they have yet to be more completely proven or disproven. However ,they highlight the interesting […]

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Nike Begins Selling ‘Refurbished’ Sneakers

With a trend of rising prices, increasing poverty, and yet the same human desires (to be able to eat good food, to look fashionable, and so on) remaining consistent, in the future, people are going to want to look good on the cheap or as cheap as possible. Brand names will not disappear, but people […]

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Prices Skyrocket, Plan Continual Ascent For The Rest Of The Year

One of the most destructive aspects of modern monetary policy is that, as it has been said and known for all of history, printing money does not lead to wealth ‘creation’, but only to the loss of value in the means of value through a loss of faith in the efficacity of the object to […]

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Asian Man Attacks Asian Woman, Said He Wanted To Kidnap, Rape Random White Woman In ‘Revenge’ For ‘Racism’

The continual hyperracialization that has continued for decades in the US and used for political manipulation by both parties always as unintended social consequences. These have become particularly noted in recent years with the return of pre-Civil Rights era racial polemics, although with a majority of said polemics and unquestionably violence following it coming from […]

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