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Major French Author Reveals The French Government Is Secretly Preparing For A Massive War To Reconquer France From The Muslims

The Franco-Algerian writer Eric Zemmour, a well-known critic of Islam in France, has just released a ground-breaking book called Five Years For Nothing: Chronicles Of The Clash Of Civilizations, in which he makes the shocking claim that the French Government has been preparing for a civil war against Muslims as well asperfecting a secret plan to destroy […]

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Muslims Try To Blow Up Notre Dame Cathedral, Strikes At The Heart Of Europe’s Christian History And Fortells The Coming War With Islam

This attack at Notre Dame Cathedral, Or The Cathedral Of Our Lady, is a strike at the heart of France itself. The country of France has a rich history, and for centuries upon centuries was known as the “eldest daughter of the Church.” The first crusade against the Muslims by Charles Martel took place in […]

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Obama Nominates Foreign Born Muslim To Become Federal Judge- This Is The Beginning Of Shariah Law And The End For American Law As We Know It

This story has made headlines all throughout the mainstream media- but not for the right reasons. This is another milestone in the Islamization of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood promised it for years, and we knew this day was coming, but now that it has arrived is a major warning to all Americans concerned […]

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Paris Has Been Taken Over By Muslim Hordes And Turned Into A Third World Slum- Filthy Mattresses Cover The Sidewalks, Garbage Is Everywhere, And Muslim Gangs Prowl The Streets In Broad Daylight

This video was taken last week in northern Paris, which has seen a large Muslim influx, especially over the past year. It shows on-the-ground proof of how Paris, what was once one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world, has been turned into a filthy Muslim cesspool where dirty matresses line the sidewalks, […]

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Hero Christian Pastor From New York Asks Christian Militia Fighting ISIS How He Can Help Them, They Say ‘We Need Weapons,’ He Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is And Buys Them Machine Guns, AK-47s, And RPGs

Now this is the America the world knows and loves. Pastor Bill Devlin of Infinity Bible Church from the Bronx had been watching the horrors of ISIS unfold for years. He wanted to help the Christian militias fighting against ISIS, so he reached out to the Nineveh Plains Protection Unit and asked them what they needed. […]

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Muslim Prisoner Attacks Two Prison Guards With Shank, Stabs One Of Them Through The Throat And The Back And Then Writes With Their Blood On The Walls Of His Cell Before Praying To Allah

Thankfully both guards lived, but this brutal attack, in which two guards were stabbed, including one guard twice through the throat and back, shows the true intentions of these murderous terrorists who the Western government have allowed to invade society. Bilal T was walking around holding a big towel, and so he asked him to go […]

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As Soon As Muslim Pervert Arrives In The UK He Stalks A 12-Year-Old Girl, Corners Her, Strips Her Naked And Molests Her, Tells Her “I Have To Do This”

Kamran Ahmed had not been in the UK six months and he already started grooming a 12-year old girl for sex. The 27-year old newly married man, after a short time of “grooming” one day approached and cornered her, stripped her naked, and began molesting her while telling her “I have to do this” and […]

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German Christian Man Apostatizes To Islam And Joins ISIS, Makes Videos Of Himself Flogging Syrian Prisoners And Watching Their Limbs Get Mutilated- This Is What Islam Does To A Man

This man, who calls himself Abu Issa Al-Almani, says he was born a Christian in Germany but converted to Islam years later when he ‘found the truth.’ He joined ISIS and has made videos of himself flogging prisoners and watching ISIS mutilate people’s limbs, and promises terrorist attacks against the West: A German jihadi who […]

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“Stab Them, Shoot Them, Poison Them, Run Them Down With Your Vehicles, Slay Them Wherever You Find Them” ISIS Tells Its Followers To Start Attacking Random Australian People Because They Are “Infidels”- Get Ready America Because This Will Come To You Too

Mohammed famously told his followers slay them wherever you find the (Koran 9:5), and throughout history, Muslims have used this verse to wage jihad against “infidels” and commit heinous acts of murder in the name of Allah. The seeds of violence were always within Islam because they were always a part of Islam. However, now ISIS […]

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miklos maroth

‘Wrap Them All In Pig Skin And Deport All Muslim Criminals!’ Major Hungarian Acadamic Rips Islam At Conference, Calls For The Deportation Of Muslims For The Good Of Society

Professor Miklos Maroth is one of the top Oriental scholars of Hungary, having had a prestigious career spanning many years, writing prolifically, and holding some of the most prestigious positions available for academics in Hungary. Yet even he, scholar that he is, understand the danger that Islam poses and the steps needed to deal with […]

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Brand New Leader Of ISIS Was Trained By US Special Forces- America’s Hands Are Tainted With The Blood Of Syrian And Iraqi Christians

  A few days ago, I wrote an article about Christian girls who were being tortured in horrific ways by ISIS, including being forced to eat out of dog food bowls, bizarre sexual torture, continual gang rape, and sick, twisted forms of murder. These women were crying out for the help of the US, but […]

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Hundred of Angry French Farmers And Truckers Storm Muslim Ghetto At Calais, Set Up Blockade In Standoff With Police, Demand Government Deport Muslims And Destroy The Ghettos

For years, Muslims have been attacking French and English truckers at the port city of Calais. Once a popular vacation spot, it has become the site of one of the largest Muslim ghettoes in Europe. Because the French government refuses to do anything, Calais is a veritable Islamic nation within France and is rife with […]

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Unknown “Woman” In Full Veil With ISIS Pulls Out A Handgun And Blasts Five Jihadis Before Getting Away Free

The West rightfully complains that the full Muslim veil is a very effective disguise- you don’t know who the person is under it. Muslim men have used the veil for years to hide and smuggle weapons, bombs or other contraband into public places under the guise of “religious freedom.” They say “what goes around comes […]

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ISIS Tells Pope Francis ‘You Are The Number One Enemy’- Muslims Are Preparing To Attack The Vatican As A Great Darkness Descends Upon The World

For Sunni Muslims, there are three great cities of the world. They are Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Rome. Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies under Umar Ibn Al-Khattab in 637, and the story goes that it was the Patriarch of Jerusalem, St. Sophronius, who made peace with them by signing the Pact of Umar that guaranteed Christians […]

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the lawmakers of his Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party at the parliament in Ankara, Turkey, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009. Erdogan criticized a ban on the building of new minarets in Switzerland. A Swiss ban on minarets could violate fundamental liberties, Europe's top human-rights watchdog said Monday in an indication that the heavily criticized vote could be overturned. The referendum was approved by 57.5 percent of the population Sunday, forcing the government to declare illegal the building of any new minarets in Switzerland.(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Erdogan Strips Two Thousands Academics And Eight Thousand Security Personnel Of Their Jobs, Joins The Ranks Of Pol Pot, Mussolini, And Ottoman Turkey Right Before The Armenian Genocide

One of the traditional signs that a culture has both been taken over by a dictator and is on the edge of a mass purge of its own people before going to war with its neighbors is the systematic destruction of any perceived opposition in the military and especially academic ranks. This has been done […]

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ISIS Takes Christian Girls And Puts Them In Secret Prisons, Makes Them Eat Out Of Dog Bowls, Rapes Them For Fun, Chops Up Their Bodies And Put The Parts In A Bag, Film Everything And Send The Video To Their Parents- The Few Survivors Ask “Where Are You World?”

Being true to the example of their founder Muhammad, ISIS has been making videos of themselves taking Christian girls and raping and torturing them in bizarre sexual ways and then chopping up their bodies in secret prisons throughout ISIS-controlled territory and then sending the video to the victims’ families. Some of the women have been […]

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