LOL: The National Debt Jumps By 1 Trillion USD In 28 Days To 25 Trillion

If you were in a stadium, and if filled with water, drop by drop, with one drop the first minute, two the second, four the third, eight the fourth, sixteen the fifth, and so on, it would take fifty minutes before the entire stadium filled up, with most of it filling during the last three minutes.

This is the power of a mathematical phenomenon called “exponential growth”, where once an “inflexion point” is reached, change becomes rapid and massive after what seemed like slow or even negative growth.

Such is what the US is starting to witness right now with the national debt, as CNS News notes by way of data obtained from the US Treasury Department, it has grown to 25 trillion, with 1 trillion added in the last 28 days.

The debt of the federal government topped $25 trillion for the first time on Tuesday, when it climbed from $24,948,983,700,916.84 to $25,057,924,023,406.80, according to data released by the Treasury Department.

On Wednesday, it continued to climb, reaching $25,058,528,802,142.42 by the close of business that day.

The federal debt had topped $24 trillion for the first time on April 7, when it rose from $23,917,212,663,857.59 to $24,011,523,316,653.36.

Thus, the federal debt increased by more than $1 trillion in just 28 days. (source)

There is a strong change the US will not engage in a long-term deflation, but rather will likely be hyperinflated in order to service debts, for as Alan Greenspan famously said, “The United States can pay any debt because we can always print money to do that.”

This means that the value of your money, the common man, will be lost, for even if a new currency is issued, it will be discounted against the value of the previous currency.

Therefore, now is the time to pay down debts, to prepare for the future, and to learn skills that help one get through and emerge stronger than before.

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