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Obama Helps Mass Murderer

Posted by Theodore Shoebat ADDITION: Here is a quote from Brad Philips, a man who is involved in Sudan and thus a first hand witness to the violence perpetrated by Bashir: …More than 3 million people have died, and as a result of genocidal policies of Khartoum, by indicted war criminals, by people who are […]

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Cannibalistic Ritual Done In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A recent photograph has been released showing a Syrian rebel placing a human head on a barbecue, grilling his head. According to a report, the victim was a Syrian helicopter pilot who was journeying to bring food to army bases and villages around the Marraat Noman city in the Idleb province, until […]

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The Lahore Times praises the efforts of Rescue Christians

This article by the Lahore Times criticizes the international relief agencies but points to Rescue Christians as an exception (I put in bold where it talks about our organization): Help persecuted Christians in Pakistan; is a slogan of many INGOs working on persecution. The general perception among Pakistani Muslims that UN, USAID, Christian diplomats and […]

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Future Holocaust In The Muslim World Becoming More Apparent

By Theodore Shoebat Arrests and deportations of Christians in Sudan are becoming more momentous in Bashir’s government. On April 12 the secretary general of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference was ousted out of North Sudan into South Sudan. As a church elder in Khartoum was praising God in his church, government officials from the Security […]

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Dzokhar Tsarnaev — A Hero Amongst Chechens

By Theodore Shoebat Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, two Kazakh Muslims, alongside a Dzhokhar sympathizer, Robel Phillipos, have been caught covering up for Dzhokhar. But why? Because there is a network between Muslims and sympathizers in America. This network can be found online. Scattered around the internet are photos unknown to Americans of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, […]

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