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Muslim Stabs Sister To Death, Gets Only Four Years

Where are all of the feminists? Oh, thats right, they are all too busy making sure babies are murdered. From FrontPage: That’s a year for every 26 stabs. Majed, a 17-year-old Iraqi immigrant, stabbed his sister Maria to death inflicting 107 wounds with two knives and a pair of scissors. The Court also established that […]

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We Were Right — Syrian Rebels Not Syrian Regime Used Chemical Weapons

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat It wasn’t the Syrian regime, but rather the Syrian rebels who used sarin nerve gas recently as the story reported tonight by Reuters and confirmed by U.N. investigators. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was simply announcing a conjured up false report when he read a letter sent by the White […]

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The Lahore Times praises the efforts of Rescue Christians

This article by the Lahore Times criticizes the international relief agencies but points to Rescue Christians as an exception (I put in bold where it talks about our organization): Help persecuted Christians in Pakistan; is a slogan of many INGOs working on persecution. The general perception among Pakistani Muslims that UN, USAID, Christian diplomats and […]

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Future Holocaust In The Muslim World Becoming More Apparent

By Theodore Shoebat Arrests and deportations of Christians in Sudan are becoming more momentous in Bashir’s government. On April 12 the secretary general of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference was ousted out of North Sudan into South Sudan. As a church elder in Khartoum was praising God in his church, government officials from the Security […]

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Dzokhar Tsarnaev — A Hero Amongst Chechens

By Theodore Shoebat Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, two Kazakh Muslims, alongside a Dzhokhar sympathizer, Robel Phillipos, have been caught covering up for Dzhokhar. But why? Because there is a network between Muslims and sympathizers in America. This network can be found online. Scattered around the internet are photos unknown to Americans of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, […]

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Should We Pray For Obama?

Or render Unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s? By Theodore Shoebat In the present-day church in America there is this frequented idea of praying for the president, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it has become but opportunities for pastors to act sycophantically to politicians. They pray that the president will make the […]

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The Boston Bombers — Why Americans Are Clueless

By Theodore Shoebat A manhunt for Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev still continues on; his brother Tamerlan, was killed in a shootout. Both are from Chechnya, a fact which will be sparking more interest in two very significant regions of the Muslim world which has not received the attention they deserve: the Balkans and the Caucasus. While […]

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Is God Listening To Boston’s Prayers?

By Theodore Shoebat With tolerance comes weakness before the presence of evil, and before the violence and havoc of Islam and Leftism. Lets look at an example of this. When the Boston explosions erupted, shortly after the New York Post reported that “authorities have identified a suspect, a Saudi national”. In a short time, the […]

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The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial – on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by Lela Gilbert, author of Saturday People, Sunday People, actor Dwight Schultz ( and Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of The Gang members gathered to discuss The Cultural Intifada and Temple Denial. The dialogue occurred in Part I and focused on Islamists’ gambit to […]

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Leaving the Totalitarian Faith — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang had the honor of being joined by actor Basil Hoffman (The Artist), Ari David, Podcast Host of The Ari David Show and Czech Defector Borek Volarik. The Gang members gathered to discuss Leaving the Totalitarian Faith. The dialogue occurred in Part I and focused on each guest’s personal story about braking […]

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America — A Nations Where Heretics Abound

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat The rise and power of Leftism and Islam today are threats, but they are merely symptoms to the ultimate problem: a decaying church plunged into heresy. In America today we rarely even hear the term “heretic” anymore because we have ourselves become a nation of heretics. And when one […]

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