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French Putting Down their ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Pens and Waving White Flag in Fight Against Islamic Terrorism

As further evidence that speech critical of Muhammad isn’t the only speech that Muslims have a problem with, check out this latest development from France. Artwork showing women’s high-heel on Muslim prayer mats is being pulled from an exhibit for fear of death due to Islamophobia. Perhaps the best part is that the artwork found […]

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Nazism returns to Europe in a Big Way – One in six French people say they support ISIS

Vox.com It seems far left whackos and Muslims agree with beheading the Kuffars (us infidels). It looks like Nazism (a leftist ideology) is very popular amongst the French. For the Jews who still live in France here is a serious warning from www.Shoebat.com – GET OUT before it is too late. Two polls released this […]

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Muslims Show Their Disdain for the Democratic Values of France

By beating up reporters… http://shoebat.org/videos/muslimsInFrance.php Our friends over at Kitman TV posted this French report in which some Muslim thugs attack a cameraman fracturing his jaw in several places with a rock. The journalists were acting lawfully by filming on the public street. Muslims in France feel they can intimidate non-believers because of the political […]

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Walid Shoebat asks, “Turkey Plans to Invade Libya?”

TURKEY PLANS TO INVADE LIBYA? Statement from Walid Shoebat For years, I have said that some day Turkey will invade Libya. Daniel 11 tells us: “He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt with the Libyans and Nubians in submission.” (Daniel 11:43) Turkey currently has its […]

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