Muslims Show Their Disdain for the Democratic Values of France

By beating up reporters…

Our friends over at Kitman TV posted this French report in which some Muslim thugs attack a cameraman fracturing his jaw in several places with a rock. The journalists were acting lawfully by filming on the public street. Muslims in France feel they can intimidate non-believers because of the political correctness and fear they have instilled. This is what will happen in the USA if we do not stand up with the correct rhetoric from our leaders now. In fact this is already happening in California and Michigan with proven media reports and will be more widespread unless We The People speak louder and put the pressure on our elected officials on a local , state and federal level. In every town in a America we need two or three individuals who will kick up a stink and expose the evil of Islamic fundamentalism and its threat to our freedom and way of life. Prepare for the battle of truth! If you really want to make a stink help organize a speaking event in your town. The threat is here and it is now, when you are ready email us at [email protected]


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