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Hamas Fires Rockets into Israel as Cease-Fire Ends on Islam’s Holiest Day of the Week

Though you’d never know it by reading the New York Times headline – ‘Cease-Fire in Gaza Expires with Rockets Fired Into Israel’ – Hamas launched more rockets into Israel as the latest 72-hour cease-fire ended (at least they’re getting better and didn’t launch the rockets 90 minutes in to the cease-fire this time). The rockets […]

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MSNBC Treats Lying, Former Al Jazeera Reporter as Objective Voice from Gaza

While reporting from Gaza, MSNBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin was asked by Andrea Mitchell about claims that Hamas was intentionally firing missiles from civilian locations. Mohyeldin, who has a history of reporting for the Muslim Brotherhood’s media arm Al Jazeera as well as CNN, didn’t flinch as he issued a bald-faced lie in support of Hamas: […]

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Hamas Takes out Power Plant… in Gaza

The good news for Hamas is that they just took out a power plant run by the Israelis. The bad news for Hamas is that the power plant is in Gaza and provides electricity for the Palestinians. As if the Palestinians didn’t have enough problems in having to deal with the ‘Iron Dome’, which is […]

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‘Iron Dome’ in Action

Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ is quickly becoming the difference maker in the fighting between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The objective of this game-changer is defensive and intended to neutralize rockets before they hit their target (when talking about Palestinian ‘targets’, the term is used loosely because Palestinian rockets have no targets). Unfortunately, the ‘ID’ is […]

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Israel: Game called on account of Rockets

Imagine taking your young son to a ballgame. The weather is perfect. You hand your tickets to the attendant, walk through the turnstiles, head to the concession stand to get something to eat, and then just as you’re about to take your seat you hear an announcement on the intercom system. On your way home, […]

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Up Close Videos of Israel being hit with Rockets from Gaza

Courtesy of the Israel Defense Forces YouTube channel, take a look at these videos and ask yourself how you’d feel if someone half a world away ordered you to act with restraint. Or this? Contrast those videos with this one; it is an interview with Abu Mujahid. He admits Hamas permits these attacks. As you […]

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Muslims from Gaza Launched Multiple Rocket Strikes against Israeli Population Centers

From: Israeli Uncensored News Muslims from Gaza launched multiple rocket strikes against Israeli population centers of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba, and smaller locations. Such indiscriminate attacks against civilians are classified as war crimes during armed conflicts, much more so during hostilities short of war. No condemnations ensued from the UNSC, and the Israeli government continued supplying […]

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