‘Iron Dome’ in Action

Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ is quickly becoming the difference maker in the fighting between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The objective of this game-changer is defensive and intended to neutralize rockets before they hit their target (when talking about Palestinian ‘targets’, the term is used loosely because Palestinian rockets have no targets).

Unfortunately, the ‘ID’ is not getting every Palestinian rocket but it’s getting the vast majority of them.

Here is a video of the ‘Iron Dome’ in action (h/t Weasel Zippers):

In addition to having to fend off Hamas rockets, the ‘Iron Dome’ is now apparently having to do the same with rockets coming out of Syria and Lebanon.

There is no confirmation about who is firing the rockets out of Syria but it’d really make no sense for Bashar al-Assad to do it. He’s got all he can handle with the Syrian rebels. It would make no sense for him to kick a sleeping dog.

Conversely, the Syrian rebels being supported by the Obama administration would have every reason in the world to do it. Their solidarity is with Hamas.

If you’d like some anecdotal evidence that the Palestinians are quite frustrated, look no further than Paris, France where Pro-Palestinians afflicted with Judeo-phobia are attacking Synagogues that have nothing to do with the fighting with Israel in Gaza.


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