Muslims from Gaza Launched Multiple Rocket Strikes against Israeli Population Centers

From: Israeli Uncensored News

Muslims from Gaza launched multiple rocket strikes against Israeli population centers of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba, and smaller locations.

Such indiscriminate attacks against civilians are classified as war crimes during armed conflicts, much more so during hostilities short of war. No condemnations ensued from the UNSC, and the Israeli government continued supplying water and power to Gaza. Now imagine the outcry should we bomb Gaza’s residential districts.

The attacks were perpetrated by Hamas even though they were prompted by Israeli retaliation against the PRC, which actually violated Hamas’ orders to desist from breaking a de facto ceasefire with Israel. Hamas, to be sure, is the legitimate government of Gaza and so represents its people.

As usual, Israel swallowed the blows instead of bombing everything Hamas in Gaza out of existence.

From: Israel National News

As Israel again begins to undergo an onslaught of missile fire from Gaza, we should take a moment to reflect on whether we are making the correct decisions. Consider a blast from the past: is it really true that the Israeli politicians told the population that the Disengagement would eliminate Terror? Come see for yourself from this collection of 5-year old footage.

On a “light”er note: Jerusalem just launched a long-awaited project: The Light-Rail Train began official runs with passengers.


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