“BBC: Hitler’s Muslim Legions” + “I Am Israel” + Walid to Tour Australia and New Zealand‏

========BBC: Hitler’s Muslim Legions==============

The incredible report by the BBC radio 4, exposing the Muslim participation in World War two and The Grand Mufti Haj Ameen Hussieni. At the end of the report for the sake of balance, they try to discredit The Mufti as not reflecting today’s Palestinian cause. The truth is that the Mufti if discredited, is, because he did not succeed in his goals. If you watch Arab TV as exposed by Memri and other clips on our web site, you can see the Mufti’s antisemitism is replicated today as it was prior to the setting up of Israel. The BBC is usually very sensitive to Muslims/Islam and biased against Israel. This report is on the whole powerful and backs up what Walid has been saying that the real underlying issues that is a thorn for Israel and the West is i.e. Anti Jew and anti Christian.

===========I Am Israel ===============

Let me tell you a story about my life… First, I will begin with my name. I am Israel.

=========Walid To Tour Australia==========

We are delighted to announce that Walid will be doing a 13 day tour of Australia and New Zealand speaking in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Taupo. The tour starts in Brisbane on Octobr 27 and finishes in Taupo New Zealand on November 6.

The Tour is being organized by United Christain Broadcasters of Australia, one of the largest media ministries in Australasia. For more information about attending Walid’s lectures please contact UCB in Australia.

We have been wishing for a long time for the right opportunity to visit Australia. We already know we have many loyal fans since Walid went public over seven years ago. We have received the most orders for Walid’s books outside North America from Australia and we have noticed a significant increase in those orders over last few months. Now our Australian brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to see Walid speak in the flesh. We also hope to do media appearances and get some truth exposed to the people of Australia and New Zealand. UCB will be the ideal partner to help get Walid’s message heard in that part of the world, we appreciate their courage and support in this exciting opportunity.

This weekend Walid will be back in Southern California speaking at Calvary Chapel Tamecula Valley. Walid will be attempting to stir things up concerning the application of the building of a large mosque in the local community. For more information for Sunday services – address -27462 Enterprise Circle West Temecula, CA 92590-4815 (951) 699-0553


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