Peace Talks

Peace Talks

The Israeli Palestinian peace talks that have been revived by the US government are getting underway, hallelujah!

I have some very unconventional proposals on how the Israeli government should open up its negotiating position to get the talks going for their ultimate success.

First, they need to declare that Israel will never recognize the Palestinian nation under any circumstances. Second, they need to suggest that Israel will send all Arabs living in Israel, Judea and Samaria eviction notices and that all Arabs who live in all those areas be ready to leave on a one way ticket to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon or any other Arab country of their choosing by Dec 31st 2010. The land of Israel surely belongs to the Jews and Arabs have no right to be living even near a Jew. Finally all mosques including the Al Aqsa mosque should all be burnt to the ground and will be on January 1st 2011.

If you are still reading this article the above is satirical, however this is the exact position of the Palestinian leadership. The USA and the rest of the world wishes to engage the Arab leaders who rename themselves Palestinian who hold the exact position that was proposed in the above paragraph but against Israel and Jews. If Israel did propose such a position the world would label them as racist bigots but when the Arabs propose such, they need to be engaged and coddled by the world. The renewed peace talks in the Middle East will be the countless re-engineered efforts since the 1920s to reconcile Arabs to the idea of a Jewish homeland. The rejection of a Jewish state is based on a religious dogma that can never be satisfied by land concessions. The West and Israel continue to delude themselves that appeasing the Arabs will be solved by exchanging pieces of land. Islamic domination and its seeking of domination was stunted in World War one by the defeat of the Islamic Ottoman empire which was regarded by Muslims as the Caliphate.

In the big picture, the defeat and retaking of ‘Palestine’ from the Jews is the first and most important step for Muslims in reestablishing the Ottoman Caliphate. If one was paying attention to current events, Turkey the center of the former Caliphate has returned to its Islamic fundamentalist roots with an Islamist government, has reversed its position on friendship with Israel and started a pro Palestinian activist mentality. We just saw this with the recent Gaza flotilla incident. The West’s willingness to engage the Muslim world based on their dogma just adds fuel to the fire and makes them more emboldened in their goals not just to destroy Israel but for their ultimate goal which is for the whole world to say “Allah is God and Mohammad is his messenger, and there should be no other religion in the world but Islam.”

Since our leaders in the West have been corrupted by special interests and bad energy policy i.e. investing in oil interests in the Muslim world; that the only chance we have to save our way of life in the West is for the people of the USA and the other Western democracies to organize themselves and take back their countries from this Islamist onslaught. Peace and co-existence is always a desired better option, however the dogma of Islam is nothing about co-existence and all about my way or the highway mentality. Interfaith outreach and understanding is never going to work based on the fundamental ideas of Islam which cannot support peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect. Their way which we witness each day, on how Christians are persecuted beyond belief in Muslim majority countries because of their faith, as well as the fourteen hundred year history of Islamic persecution with examples in the last hundred years alone of several million Christians murdered in the name of Allah in Armenia by the Turks and over last ten years in Darfur Sudan.

As President Lincoln said, in which President Obama has stated that he emulates “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves….” Maybe it is time to start closing down some radical mosques and adjusting our constitution to outlaw the cult of Islam?

Keith Davies

Executive Director of Forum for Middle East Undertsanding


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