Islamic Rhetoric Has Nothing to Do With Terror If You Are a Left-Winger

Islamic Rhetoric Has Nothing to Do With Terror If You Are a Left-Winger
Keith Davies Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

When Jared Loughner murdered six innocents and injured about a dozen others within a few hours the left wing media lead by Paul Krugman of the New York Times was quick on the trigger (sorry for the language of hate) to condemn conservatives for being part of a blood libel in fomenting hate that caused Loughner to commit this horrible crime.

Now that we have yet another outrage from Islamic terrorists who have just bombed and killed dozens of innocents at the Moscow international airport, there will be no such condemnation by the left wing media of the Muslim imams who daily instill hatred for us infidels throughout the Muslim and the West, so that we should die because we are unbelievers and that Jihad should spread Islam for Allah as per the Koran, the Sunna and the Sharia. Based on Walid Shoebat’s testimony and countless other former Muslims and righteous liberal Muslims, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this spewing of hatred from the mosque pulpits is causing the violence, murder, intimidation and persecution of Westerners, Israel, Christians and all non believers in Islam.

The world is upside down with lies, deceptions and outrageous excuses. The left will ignore the real reasons for the terror attack and give us the usual stuff about how we need to understand Islam so that we can come together in ecumenical good will so that we can defeat the hate. They will undoubtedly compare these “isolated” incidents of violence using the false moral equivalent argument concerning the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh as a Christian motivated by his religion; an outright lie, as it is well known that he was an agnostic. Even if he were a Christian there is nothing in the Bible to justify such a crime. The left will also mention the usual nut jobs that have attacked abortion clinics with violence. All true Christians condemn the attacks on abortion clinics that may have happened a very few times over last 30 years, however it cannot be denied that the violence of Muslims on non Muslims is happening daily in thousands of instances almost all over the w
Hundreds of thousands of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists as well as Israelis suffer at the hands of Muslims driven by their scriptures and the willingness of imams to instill hatred that they quote from their “holy” books. If one cares to just dig on the surface you can find thousands of pieces of media that can be gleaned from hundreds of web sites including ours on the Internet exposing the hatred and violence from mainstream Arab TV and the imams who spew this rhetoric.

The left love to have these “peace panel” discussions that are organized by well-intentioned “useful idiots” who are being used by expert propagandists like CAIR and other Muslim organizations who are fronts for the Muslim brotherhood. The best analogy to describe what these Muslim groups are doing with their “interfaith outreach” is what the Nazis did to keep the Jews calm by lieing to them about being transferred, giving them soap before a “shower” and playing music before they headed to the gas chambers. Their strategy is simple: keep telling gullible Westerners that Islam is a peaceful religion until they are able to kill or convert us all. We are helped along by left wing Christians, who choose to be willfully ignorant, choose not to do research or at least do the minimum to invite apostates to give their side of the issue. By peace they will destroy many; we are in the middle of that very process.

Yesterday I witnessed first hand such nonsense. I attended a “peace center panel discussion” organized by the Quakers who invited two Muslims, one from CAIR, to answer concerns about Islam. For nearly two hours the audience was fed one lie after another. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to ask my question. It was also tragic that none of the audience members was able to ask detailed questions to trap the speakers. When they did get to ask a question that exposed the truth, in came the denials, lies and omissions from the speakers. According to one of the Muslim speakers, an expert on Sharia law, he stated, “the Sharia Law does not concern the life of an average Muslim.” Maybe, but it is certainly a problem for the average Christian living in Pakistan as the Sharia is incorporated into civil law especially on the law of blasphemy and as a result the Christian community is being decimated with intimidation as well as jail and murder. No Muslim country is signato
ry to
Hague convention concerning the abduction of women and children. Ask any American parent who has a daughter and grandchildren stuck in the Muslim world and the hell their family is going through. Abduction of women and child kidnapping is an epidemic in all Muslim countries. Our organization gets hundreds of inquiries a year concerning this issue.

Our leaders including our President, Bishops, Pastors, Rabbis, Mayors, school boards and all community leaders need to wake up and face the truth before the truth will literally kill us.


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