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Putin Gets Fed Up With Obama Messing With Russia, Shuts Down McDonald’s In His Country

By Theodore Shoebat Four McDonalds have been temporally shut down in Moscow. Russian officials say that their closing has nothing to do with the US sanctions that have recently been imposed on Russia by the Obama administration. But the measure does not seem to be coincidence, nor does the Russian claim that its being done […]

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Russian Government Gets Sick Of Muslim Violence, And Has Police Officers Search Any Veiled Women And Islamic Schools

By Theodore Shoebat Russia, being fed up with Muslim violence, will be passing a law, by 2015, that will prohibit certain Islamic literature deemed as extremist and dangerous to society. As of now, Russian police are already searching Muslim schools (madrases) and stopping veiled Muslim women to interrogate them in Crimea. It is the Russian […]

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Russia Outlaws The Building of Mosques, Will Get Tougher On Islam

By Theodore Shoebat The Crusade continues, and will only grow… The city of Moscow has now decreed that there will be no new mosques built, and has now put a ban on the construction of any one of those houses of heresy, and this of course demands our emulation. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, […]

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Moscow Mayor has Islamophobia; says no more Mosques

In 2011, CBN News did a report on the overwhelming number of Muslims in Moscow who wanted more mosques built there in order to meet demand. In 2013, it appears that the mayor of Moscow can now officially be diagnosed with Islamophobia. Don’t worry; that’s a good thing. Via Russia Today: The Mayor of Moscow […]

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Islamic Rhetoric Has Nothing to Do With Terror If You Are a Left-Winger

Islamic Rhetoric Has Nothing to Do With Terror If You Are a Left-Winger Keith Davies Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation When Jared Loughner murdered six innocents and injured about a dozen others within a few hours the left wing media lead by Paul Krugman of the New York Times was quick on the trigger (sorry […]

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