Will Arabic Become the Official Language of America?

Will Arabic Become the Official Language of America?
By Steven Simpson Monday, January 10, 2011

Since the Islamic atrocities perpetrated against the United States on September 11th 2001, a huge array of Arabic and Islamic terminology has entered the Anglo-American lexicon. With the current (and still undocumented) resident in the White House proudly affirming his Islamic heritage in Cairo and elsewhere, and the continuing prostration to the Muslims of America, is it only a matter of time before Arabic becomes the official (or secondary) language of America? And for that matter, will Islam become the de facto religion of this once great country?

With America’s first violent encounter with fundamentalist Islam after the Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979, we were first introduced to such terms as “Ayatollah,” “Imam,” “Hojatolisam,” “Shi’ah,” and “Sunni.”(While the Iranians are of course Persian and not Arab, all Islamic terminology and prayers are in Arabic regardless of a Muslim’s ethnic identity.)

Other Arabic words have become so well known that they are also no longer in need of an explanation. “Allah,” “Jihad,” “fatwa,” “kafir,” “sheikh,” “hijab,” and “dhimmi” are only a few such words. “Caliph” and “Mahdi” are another two words which have been spoken of more recently. Certainly, the words “Qur’an” (Koran), and the founder of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdallah (a.ka. “The Prophet”), have been known for decades. And then there is the word “Shar’iah” (Sharia) – Islamic law – which has been spoken and written of quite recently as America seems to become more and more “culturally sensitive” to the adherents of the “religion of peace.” Some more words that will soon become more popular in the English lexicon are “halal” (the Muslim version of “kosher”), “da’wa” (the peaceful way to convert the “infidels” instead of cutting off their heads), “salat” (prayer) and “wudu” (washing oneself in a prescribed manner before praying). Already, the controversy over “foot baths” for Muslims has yet to reach a climax in this country. In any event, doubtlessly, more and more words of Arabic origin—especially with Islamic meanings – will enter the English vocabulary as America becomes more and more culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse—or perverse—depending upon your perspective.
Of course, this “sensitivity” apparently does not extend to Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other peoples of faith

Of course, this “sensitivity” apparently does not extend to Jews, Christians, Hindus, and other peoples of faith. Not to mention English-speaking people in general. Judeo-Christianity, and the Anglo heritage of this country is already well underway to being consigned to the ashbin of history. Meanwhile, Congress scuttles HR 5759, which would make English the official language of the land, (while spending billions on bilingualism and multilingualism), and all symbols of Christianity are slowly but systematically being abolished, demolished and excised . All the while, a “masjid” (mosque) is in the works to be built on Ground Zero, with the ecstatic help of such venerated public servants as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer. And then there is the strange silence of other major New York federal politicians such as Charles Schumer, Representative Jerrold Nadler, and Representative Anthony Wiener, who have said not a word about this proposed abomination. And the entire above listed individuals are Democrats. And of course, one more important thing: they are all “Yahud” (another Arabic term that people should be made aware of, and which means “Jews). As for Wiener, he recently married a Muslim woman of religious background whose father is a religious scholar. This means that according to Sharia (there is that term again!), he would have to have converted to Islam, since an infidel is not allowed to marry a Muslim woman. Of course, Muslim men can marry Jewish and/or Christian women. Apparently, these politicians (as well as liberal Jews in general) do not realize that as descendants of “apes and pigs,” it is they and their co-religionists who will be the first to have their heads handed to them once Islam arises full force in America. Apparently, ignorant Jews and Christians have never learned of the Islamic saying: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people, by the Friday people.” (As Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, Sunday, the Christian Sabbath, and Friday, the Muslim Sabbath, the slogan should need no explanation.)

Americans of Jewish and Christian background need to resurrect the greatness of America’s history, culture, and religious heritage if this nation is to survive. Yes, America has never been a perfect country, but hasn’t America itself recognized this? If the country is to regain its moral clarity and direction, then “cultural diversity” has to be thrown out the window. That is not to say that one cannot be proud of his or her individual ethnic and religious heritage. However, if America continues to defame the founding fathers, disrespect, deride, and ignore the Constitution, while seeing themselves as “citizens of the world,” then we may very soon find ourselves living in a new country called “al-Jumhuriyah al Arabiyah—al Islamiyah al-Amerikiyah” – The Arab Islamic Republic of America. (Please forgive this non-Arab infidel if his Arabic is still not up to par.)

In the meantime, if America continues to devolve, decay, and decline by day, then indeed a day of no return will soon be among us. Especially in the era of Barack Hussein Obama, CAIR, ISNA, and other Muslim terrorist affiliated groups, along with America’s newest Islamic superstar, Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Dear American, if you have chosen to give up the fight then there is indeed one solution for you: Please remember to learn your Arabic and Islamic prayers. It may save your life one day. (Insha’Allah—Allah willing.) And this article is not written to be funny. It is deadly serious—as serious as the warriors of Allah are in destroying this country.


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