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U.S. Military Training Terrorists in Libya?

The U.S. Military will reportedly begin training Senator John McCain’s “heroes” in Libya despite knowing that terrorists will likely be on the receiving end of such training. The Libyans will be the beneficiaries of both conventional and Special Ops training. The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have reportedly […]

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Rep. Louie Gohmert presses FBI Director on the purging of training documents

At a House Judiciary committee hearing, FBI Director Robert Mueller fielded questions about the purging of training materials that related directly to counter-terrorism efforts. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) pressed Mueller on the issue. In particular, Ghomert wanted to know why seemingly innocuous statements that included the words, “Jihad” and “Islam” were removed. He also wanted […]

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Will Arabic Become the Official Language of America?

Will Arabic Become the Official Language of America? By Steven Simpson Monday, January 10, 2011 Since the Islamic atrocities perpetrated against the United States on September 11th 2001, a huge array of Arabic and Islamic terminology has entered the Anglo-American lexicon. With the current (and still undocumented) resident in the White House proudly affirming his […]

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