BBC Chief twists himself into a Pretzel while rationalizing Muslim Bias

Ah, the depths people will go to rationalize their own cowardice. There’s nothing quite like admitting you’re wrong and then attempting to justify it. Even when BBC chief Mark Thompson had to come face to face with his own fear, he decided to rationalize the fact that his network is biased in favor of Islam and against Christianity.


Well, because you Christians can take it.

Via the Daily Mail:

BBC director-general Mark Thompson has claimed Christianity is treated with far less sensitivity than other religions because it is ‘pretty broad shouldered’.

He suggested other faiths have a ‘very close identity with ethnic minorities’, and were therefore covered in a far more careful way by broadcasters.

But he also revealed that producers had to consider the possibilities of ‘violent threats’ instead of polite complaints if they pushed ahead with certain types of satire.

Mr Thompson said: ‘Without question, “I complain in the strongest possible terms”, is different from, “I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write”. This definitely raises the stakes.’

But he added that religion as a whole should never receive the same ‘protection and sensitivity’ in the law as race.

In essence, Thompson is saying his network picks on Christianity because its proponents won’t respond with violence and that there is a double standard with respect to both religion and race that he is willing to live by.

I have two words for Mr. Thompson.

’nuff said.


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