Ron Paul openly courting the Muslim Vote in Michigan

A significant contingent of Ron Paul’s followers believe 9/11 was an “inside job.” So does a significant contingent of Muslims. Former Ron Paul aid, Eric Dondero insisted that his former boss was “most certainly anti-Israel.” Ron Paul has cited Robert Pape, a man with close ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as someone whose foreign policy views he agrees with. The co-founder of Revolution Muslim, a website home to a video that mocked Daniel Pearl’s beheading, now supports Ron Paul.

Now this. A flyer sporting the Ron Paul campaign heading in Michigan.

Via Big Peace:

The flyer actually has two sides. The English side promotes Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” and touts his deficit cutting prowess and dislike of the Federal Reserve. The Arabic side, however – the side shown above – is far less subtle. It says that Paul will cut foreign aid, and specifically mentions only foreign aid to Israel as the target of cutting.

And that’s the point. Paul’s appeal to the Muslim community is strictly and completely based on his opposition to Israel. Paul’s anti-Semitism is well-documented; see his section on Zionism in Paul’s book Liberty Defined (better titled All The Weird Things Ron Paul Believes). His CYA maneuver, stating that he wants to cut all foreign aid, then determine to whom American should restore aid, is just that – a CYA maneuver. His real target is and always was Israel. I don’t see Ron Paul supporters handing out Hebrew flyers at my synagogue proclaiming his desire to cut off aid to Egypt, Libya, and the Palestinian Authority.

The Muslim world’s coziness with Ron Paul should not be taken lightly.

Perhaps if more of his supporters actually believed the truth, that 9/11 was the result of Islamic terrorism, they wouldn’t be so easily duped.


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