Video: Muslim Judge in Pennsylvania interviewed by CNN Reporter

I guess you could consider this Part 3 of the story about the infidel assault victim in Pennsylvania. Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2. In short, an atheist dressed as a Muhammad Zombie on Halloween was assaulted by a Muslim bystander; the case wound up in front of a Muslim judge named Mark Martin, who ultimately dismissed the charges. Then Martin, who has since recanted his claim (caught on tape) that he himself is a Muslim, was interviewed by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. Interestingly, O’Brien doesn’t seem all that interested in defending Martin. Instead, she seems to make the case for the atheist, Perce.

Note Martin’s argument at the end of this exchange. He expounds on his ruling, which included an assertion that Perce exceeded his first amendment rights by dressing up as a “Muhammad Zombie.” Martin actually compares Perce to a KKK member who has the right to wear a white sheet. There is a very fundamental problem with that argument. The KKK wore the white sheets while seeking out blacks for assault, battery, lynching and murder. In this case, the guy wearing the “white sheet” in the form of a Muhammad Zombie costume was the assault victim.

Can anyone say, “Martin in Wonderland”?

Martin was clearly uncomfortable during this interview, likely because he’s been busted as the biased Muslim judge that he is.

h/t Hot Air


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