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Muslim Students Who Were Shot Dead by Atheist, Pro-Gay Marriage Liberal Were Members of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

We already know that the shooter of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill shares more in common with Timothy McVeigh than with any of those right-wing, conservative, Tea Party, Christian types but how about the shooting victims? It turns out the male victim expressed a good dose of anti-Semitism in his tweets. He also appears […]

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Comedian Suggests NFL Players Should Do ‘Stop Domestic Abuse’ PSA’s for Muslim Countries

Ever since his controversial exchange with Ben Affleck a couple of months ago, liberal atheist comedian Bill Maher has become a lightning rod in the debate over Islam. He’s unique in that he’s anti-Islam and a far left-wing liberal. In an interview Maher gave to Vanity Fair, he made an excellent point while pointing to […]

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Liberal Atheist Comedian RIPS those who say ISIS not Islamic and ends up Defending Christians more than Christians do

Don’t look now but far left-wing liberal comedian Bill Maher, who has gone to great lengths to support Barack Obama may have just slapped down the president’s core message in the latter’s recent speech about ISIS. That message was that ISIS does not represent Islam. Maher blew that notion up and just kept going. Maher […]

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Atheist Crusader-phobe speaks at Unitarian Church

In a post from yesterday about the rise of modern day Crusaders in the U.S. Military, we referred to the founder of a group that seeks to remove Christianity from the military. Mikey Weinstein, of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), seems to be willing to fight tooth and nail against Christianity to the point […]

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Video: Muslim Judge in Pennsylvania interviewed by CNN Reporter

I guess you could consider this Part 3 of the story about the infidel assault victim in Pennsylvania. Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2. In short, an atheist dressed as a Muhammad Zombie on Halloween was assaulted by a Muslim bystander; the case wound up in front of a Muslim judge named […]

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