TLC Cancels All American Muslim

Last December, The Learning Channel (TLC) was at the center of controversy when its program, All American Muslim, saw the loss of one of its sponsors – Lowe’s – due to its Islamic content. We reported on the radical background of one of the Imams featured in the program, Husham Al-Hussainy. The show has now been cancelled altogether.


Via the AP:

A TLC network reality television show about Muslim families living in the Detroit area is ending after one season.

TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said Wednesday the “All-American Muslim” series won’t be back. Its eight-episode run ended in January.

“All-American Muslim” attracted attention when a conservative Christian group called for an advertiser boycott. At least two companies announced they were pulling ads. TLC says the protest caused a backlash in which new advertisers signed on.

Here is audio of Al-Hussainy during a 2007 interview with Sean Hannity:


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