CAIR Channels 9/11 Truthers; alleges “NYPD-CIA-Israeli” Conspiracy

It appears that a leader with CAIR New York is having delusions of persecution in response to revelations that NYPD was conducting surveillance on Muslim groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. You know, like CAIR.

Via IPT:

Council on American-Islamic Relations-New York (CAIR-NY) board member Lamis Deek espoused anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist views in a Facebook post Monday.

Deek peddles the idea of an “NYPD-CIA-Israeli alliance in NY,” and vows to New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelley and Mayor Michael Bloomberg that “Palestinian Flags will overwhelm NY streets soon….a personal, personal promise.”

Deek habitually accuses invokes Israeli bogeymen to her American audiences.

During a “Know Your Rights” presentation at a CAIR leadership conference and chapter banquet last April, Deek accused the Israeli Mossad of posing as FBI agents in America.

“It was discovered or published that a lot of the interviews that Muslims believed they were going into with the FBI, it turns out it wasn’t with the FBI at all,” Deek said. “Guess who it was? Mossad, Israeli intelligence in New York and New Jersey.”

Perhaps police departments all across the country should just announce they are conducting surveillance of Muslim communities.

Based on the reaction of CAIR in New York, they may not even have to actually follow through. The reaction such an announcement inspires might be all that’s needed to identify the troublemakers.

Wouldn’t you love to know who Deek thinks brought down Building seven?


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