Very “Influential” Obama advisor walks back her tweet about Syria’s Assad

Take a look at what some have called the Obama administration’s “most influential figure” when it comes to Middle East policy – Dalia Mogahed – is saying about Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. IPT’s Steve Emerson has exposed Mogahed’s strong support for Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups, to include CAIR and ISNA.

It now appears that Mogahed is using twitter to express her feelings about Assad; he’s apparently not hostile enough to Israel for Mogahed’s liking and she’s now having to do a little backtracking.

Via Big Peace:

On March 10, Mogahed tweeted her opposition to embattled Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, listing as one of his flaws the allegation that he “cannot deliver…resistance to Israel,” though Syria has been implacably hostile to Israel for decades.

Uh, Syria has been supporting both Hamas and Hezbollah for years, both of which have been incessantly hostile to Israel. If Syria is not hostile enough to Israel, what does Mogahed want, short of an invasion or extermination? Perhaps her high position within the Obama administration, coupled with those logical questions about her stance, led to her attempting to walk those comments back:

After bloggers noticed Mogahed’s tweets, she began defending her remarks, explaining that they were aimed at Assad’s supporters, and not Israel. However, it is clear from other, unrelated tweets that she also holds anti-Israel views.

Uh, got that?

Mogahed once appeared on a panel with the controversial grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Ramadan.


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