Is Saudi Arabia Exporting more Oil in Anticipation of Iranian Sanctions?

Earlier this week, we reported on the Jerusalem Post story that charges Saudi Arabia with sending weapons to the Syrian rebels and how the extremely acrimonious relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia can only be exacerbated by such a development. Now it looks like we can add another layer to this as Saudi Arabia appears to be increasing its oil exports in anticipation of sanctions on Iran.

Via The Blaze:

Both Saudi Arabia and Iran hiked oil exports in January, but the former’s growing shipments to the United States hinted at price control preparations before sanctions against the latter come into play.

Saudi Arabia boosted its status as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ biggest producer by raising exports by 2 percent to 7.507 million barrels a day. Iran exported 2.265 million barrels a day in January, according to a Bloomberg.

However, exports from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. are now at their highest in almost four years, up 25 percent, according to Reuters. Speculation has it that the growth is a response to the forthcoming sanctions against Iran that will be introduced in July and are likely to send oil prices skyward.

Those who’ve read God’s War on Terror know our views on Saudi Arabia being the harlot and that Iran’s hatred for her will continue to grow. Saudi Arabia’s benefiting directly from sanctions on Iran, coupled with the former’s stoking Iran further by arming the rebels in Syria is like turning up the heat on a pressure cooker.


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