Paging John McCain… Syrian Rebels reportedly targeting Christians

While the Syrian rebels seem to be garnering international sympathy for their plight at the hands of Bashar al-Assad, Christians are reportedly being ethnically cleansed from the country by those same rebels.

Via Catholic World News:

Islamic extremists are engaged in “ethnic cleansing” of Christians in the Syrian city of Homs, local sources tell the Fides news service.

Militants with links to Al Qaida have reportedly driven 90% of the Christians out of the city, going door-to-door to inform families that they must leave immediately.

Archbishop Giuseppe Nazzaro, the apostolic nuncio in Syria, says that he cannot confirm the reports from Homs, but can report that Christians are facing increasing pressure in other parts of the country. The acts of violence against Christian targets, he says, are “bad signs for religious minorities.”

Islamists know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and they’re quite capable of playing the victim while being the assailant.

h/t Weasel Zippers


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