CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper complains about Islamophobia in wake of anti-Semitic Jihadist attack in France

There’s an old adage that says, ‘the best defense is a good offense.’ Obviously, CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper is of that mindset in this instance. As a Muslim terrorist in France was shooting an eight year-old Jewish girl in the head while making a video recording of it for internet posterity, Hooper was recording CAIR’s weekly update video. We all waited with bated breath to see how forcefully he would come out against the actions of Mohammed Mehra and what appears to be a growing list of accomplices.

We’re so sorry to have disappointed you. Hooper didn’t address that inconvenient blemish on the face of Islam. Instead, he decided to complain about an increasing number of restrictions on the construction of mosques in the United States.

The kicker? Well, the reason for all of this obstruction must be……. racist, according to Hooper. It’s the fault of Islamophobia, of course. Remember, Islamophobia is a condition whereby you’re rightful fear of anti-Semites is labeled as racism that you should be ashamed of having. It’d be like attacking the Jews for being ‘Naziphobic.’

Oh, also take note in this video of a complaint that the NYPD is focusing on Muslim countries exclusively in its surveillance. Shortly thereafter, an annoyed Muslim refers to such a thing as ‘racial profiling.’ In actuality, it’s identifying a group that is largely anti-Semitic.

If anti-Semitism is racist (it is), shouldn’t anti-Semites be racially profiled? Here’s the video and for the record, it’s extremely telling because of what it DOESN’T address.

Take it away, Ibrahim. Tell us how much you denounce the anti-Semitic, Jihadist attack in France Muslims in the United States suffer from extreme discrimination.

h/t BNI


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