CAIR San Diego’s Chapter Leader a “Family Friend” of Iraqi woman who was killed

This is a bit of an update to the story we posted yesterday about the Iraqi woman who was allegedly beaten to death with a tire iron inside her home and a threatening note was found nearby. Though it’s too early to determine if this was a ‘hate crime’ or something made to look like one (Jawa report chronicles the many examples where the latter has occurred), there are some curious things happening in the wake of the murder.

First, the head of San Diego’s CAIR chapter – Hanif Mohebi – was interviewed for San Diego’s Fox 5 news report. Take note that Mohebi is NOT identified as a CAIR chapter leader in the video report below. Instead, he is simply identified as a “family friend.” How long has he been a family friend? Was it before the woman’s murder or after? This is troubling because CAIR came to the defense of runaway Muslim teen, Rifqa Bary in 2009, who rightfully feared for her life after she converted to Christianity. Bary was fearful that she would be the victim of an honor killing. If CAIR supported the Barys, to what extent would Mohebi support other families who approve of honor killings?

After all, CAIR is essentially Hamas with suits and ties. Perhaps the worst thing the family of the slain Iraqi woman could do is publicly align with a group that has expressed support for a family suspected of seeking to kill their daughter in the name of honor.

Then again, Mohebi spoke to Fox 5 in San Diego as a “family friend,” not as CAIR San Diego’s chapter leader. Hmmmmmmm.

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