Archive | May 5, 2012


CNN Contributor: Secularism in Turkey is dead

Walid was roundly ignored when he warned about what was happening in Turkey several years ago. In 2006, during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s Headline News program, Walid warned that Islam was on the rise in Turkey and that secularism was in danger of being thrown into the dust bin. Now that it’s already happened, […]

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Video: Former Attorney General slams Obama on Osama raid

Former Attorney General, Michael Mukasey appeared on Hannity’s television show and was quite forthright about what he thought of a memo penned prior to last year’s Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. If true, it’s quintessential ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ tactics by the Obama administration. Based on Mukasey’s take, the memo leaves no […]

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