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Jewish Paramedics help Palestinian car accident victims; attacked by Palestinans

Imagine arriving at the scene of an accident involving one of your family members to find them being treated by paramedics. What would you do: A.) Pray that the Paramedics are able to help your family members B.) Ask the Paramedics if there’s anything you can do C.) Attack the Paramedics because you believe they’re […]

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Pregnant Woman Killed by Jinn and Daily Mail’s Abortion Inconsistency

In 2009, a pregnant woman died in her bed. Her husband and his family were in the house at the time. The prosecution insists that Nalia Mumtaz was smothered by her husband, Mohammed Mumtaz. The defense has a rather interesting defense. Via the Daily Mail: A pregnant wife was smothered to death by her husband, […]

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