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Video: Saudi Father auctions off his son as a Suicide bomber in Syria

Here is video of a Saudi man auctioning off his son as a suicide bomber. At the 3:45 mark, attention focuses to the streets of Syria, where bombers like the one auctioned off go to blow themselves up. It’s important to note that such a bomber would be attacking the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Are […]

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Report: Jihadists take over Syrian Christian village; residents expelled

Yesterday, it was reported that Republican George W. Bush suggested that the Arab Spring should be embraced. Meanwhile, Christians all over the Middle East are being sacrificed because of that mentality. Via AINA: Armed jihadist seized control of Qastal al-Burg village on Thursday, May 10, and ordered its 10 Christian families to leave, according to […]

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Iraq releases Hezbollah leader accused of Executing handcuffed U.S. Soldiers

When U.S. troops left Iraq, that country was essentially handed over to Iran. This latest news that Iraq has released a Hezbollah leader guilty of executing five U.S. soldiers five years ago, seems to bolster that charge. Via Fox News: Republicans on Capitol Hill are furious over the Obama administration’s handling of a purported Hezbollah […]

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FBI refusing to release Report on Awlaki emails with Fort Hood shooter

After the Fort Hood shooting, an investigation was done into the emails between Anwar al-Awlaki and Fort Hood Jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan. Though the report has been completed for some time, the FBI is not releasing it. Via Catherine Herridge at Fox News: In a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, Republican Rep. Frank Wolf […]

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Report: New French President has banned consumption of Pork in Government Offices

This is a new report translated from a French website but if true, it’s not surprising. We will monitor to confirm or deny its authenticity. Via BNI: Effective immediately, the new French head of state never again will allow pork to pass his lips…or the lips of his staff, other government officials, or foreign guests. […]

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