Video: Muslim Scholar explains why Stealth Political Jihad is the best course for Muslims

It is important to understand that in Islam, all lands are Muslim lands. It’s just that some of these lands are currently controlled by Infidels. This is how Islam’s practitioners see the world. For you leftists in the West who like to run interference for Islamists, that means your country.

This Muslim scholar named Haitham al-Haddad lives in Great Britain and in this video, you will see him explain to his students that it is ok to participate in western civilization in the short run if doing so furthers Islam in the long run.

You will hear him mention “Dawah.” This is a term that refers to Muslims always inviting non-Muslims to embrace Islam. In this regard, he comes across as a student of top Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who teaches Muruna, which is exactly what al-Haddad seems to be advocating.

Al-Haddad understands that Islam will not be successful with bombs and guns. Instead, he is calling for what is far more dangerous for western civilization because it’s very similar to how the left uses progressivism to push its agenda.

It is becoming clear that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided that stealth, incremental Jihad is the best and most effective strategy against western civilization right now. Until westerners wake up to it, these Jihadists will continue making gains.

Make no mistake; they are making gains.

Via BNI:


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