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Rush Limbaugh picks up on Huma Abedin story

Yeah, it’s true we were not cited as the source but the important thing is that Rush Limbaugh used his mega-sized megaphone to get the word out. Here is the transcript, via RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break, “You were going to tell us about Egypt.” I am going to tell you […]

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BBC Wakes up; admits mistakes in ‘Arab Spring’ Coverage

The ‘Arab Spring’ began in January of 2011. The mainstream media cheered. Here we are in June of 2012 and the BBC is finally starting to scratch its head while saying, ‘Gee, duh, maybe we were wrong. Duh.’ Via the Daily Mail: The BBC’s coverage of the Arab Spring has been heavily criticised – by […]

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Video: Dearborn Police stand down as Christians assaulted by Muslims

The surrender of Dearborn, MI to Islam is all but complete. This may be one of the most important videos in a long, long time. Background: A group of Christians showed up at the annual 2012 Arab Festival, holding signs and wearing t-shirts to communicate their message. There are many things to take note of […]

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