Surprise in Tunisia: Islamic thugs raid Art Exhibit, Destroy Artwork

Tunisia is now home to another in a long line of anecdotes which demonstrate that when leftists and Islamists align to defeat a common enemy, Islamists always seem to overpower the leftists once that enemy is defeated. In the case of Tunisia, that common enemy was deposed dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Via Al Arabiya News (h/t WZ):

Protesters have damaged several works of art at an exhibition in Tunisia, in what appears to have been the latest in a series of attacks by Islamic religious hardliners on liberal or secular targets.

A group of men broke into the venue in the northern suburbs of Tunis overnight Sunday-Monday, slashing several canvases and dismantling one art installation, said the show’s director Luca Luccatini.

There is a difference between leftists in the Middle East and leftists in the West. The former eventually wakes up to the threats inherent in Islam and makes attempts to expose it. Leftists in the West are still cozy with Islamists (think CNN and CAIR), which segues into what the leftists in the Tunisian art exhibit apparently did to provoke these unhinged Islamists.

Supporters of the art exhibition later faced off with a group of bearded men dressed in the style of Salafists outside the gallery, which was broken into after it had closed for the day.

As well as the paintings that were destroyed, one installation, called “The Ring” — which showed the faces of Tunisian women, Jewish and Christian, painted on punching balls — was dismantled and removed, Luccatini told AFP.

He said he had filed a formal complaint over the incident, which he said smaks of “fanaticism”.

The interior ministry said police had seized four works that were attracting controversy in order to keep them safe.

Once again, we learn that the first amendment is incompatible with Sharia law. How many examples does CNN, for example, need?

It looks like “Democracy” in the Middle East paradoxically (and not so surprisingly to those who employ critical thinking and intellectual honesty) gives birth to tyranny whenever it’s tried.

Eventually, however, leftists do channel Gomer Pyle.


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