Report: Indonesian Atheist beaten by mob; Judge sends him to Jail

In the West, atheists are revered by leftists because, well, so many leftists are atheists. In Indonesia, an atheist was tracked down and beaten by an Islamic mob for… being an atheist.

The judge ruled in favor of the mob.

Via Asia Sentinel, h/t ROP:

Once again religious intolerance has burst into the open in Indonesia, where a judge sentenced a professed atheist to two and a half years in prison instead of prosecuting the mob that chased him down and beat him badly after he posted his lack of religious affiliation on Facebook.

Over the objections of activists and a wide range of international organizations, a West Sumatran court Thursday sentenced Alexander Aan, a 32-year-old Sumatran civil servant, to prison while those who attacked him faced no justice.

Among other things, Aan was accused of uploading three articles critical of the Prophet Mohammad including one describing the prophet as being attracted to his daughter-in-law – which, according to Muslim Hadiths, or narratives of the sayings or customs of the prophet and his companions, was true. Mohammad was said to have fallen in love with Zainab, daughter of Jahsh, while she was the wife of Zayd bin Harithah, his own adopted son. The website also carried another tale in which Mohammad had slept with Mariyah, a Copt who was a maid to one of the prophet’s other wives – which was also taken from a Hadith.

In America, the first Amendment guarantees freedom of non-religion as well as freedom of religion. In Islam, there is no such freedom. Despite this obvious and blatant example, the western left is conspicuously silent. It would rather demonize Christians who pray for atheists to embrace Christianity.

Another in a long line of examples that demonstrate the left is suffering from a bad case of displacement.


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