Video: Dearborn Police stand down as Christians assaulted by Muslims

The surrender of Dearborn, MI to Islam is all but complete. This may be one of the most important videos in a long, long time. Background: A group of Christians showed up at the annual 2012 Arab Festival, holding signs and wearing t-shirts to communicate their message.

There are many things to take note of as you watch. First, the mob assaults the Christians with debris (rocks, bottles, crates, etc.). Second, the police do nothing to stop it. The video opens with one officer telling one of the Christians that use of a bullhorn is prohibited by a city ordinance. Then, after 30 minutes of massive assault, one officer tells a Christian he’s putting his own safety in danger because the cops have so much territory to cover. Note the response of the Christian male; he tells the officer that violence will be wherever their signs are. Having no response, the cop turns and walks away.

There are only two explanations for the behavior of these police officers. Either they are sympathetic to the Muslim cause or they are suffering from displacement.

Via The United West:

Matthew 5:10:

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

That’s the good news.


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