The United Socialist States of America

Keith Davies

As the right has been betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts, who sided with the communists on the bench, the Supreme Court should be re abbreviated to SCOTSUS Supreme Court of the Socialist United States.

June 28th 2012 is the day America became a socialist country and Chief Justice Roberts’ name will live in infamy; he will be remembered as someone who betrayed freedom and has allowed our country to become a banana republic.

His argument is that the mandate is a tax; the government argued that it was not a tax. Yet, Roberts ruled against the actual argument of the government in order to uphold the Government’s case. Our great “legal minds” have no common sense.

I left Europe to get away from a government that was controlling my life with laws and confiscatory taxes. The fiscal disaster of Europe is playing out in front of our eyes and we mindlessly continue to enact laws that set us on the same path. Obamacare funding will require a massive increase in taxes. The law will change all of our lives in a way that will stifle the freedoms we so cherish.

In November, the people of the United States will have one last chance to vote out the communist party that calls itself “Democratic”. In order to repeal the law, we need a new president and 60 votes in the Senate. A tall order!

I just became a citizen, but now I am having second thoughts about continuing to live in a country that legislates against the will of the people and a supreme court that rules with cowardice and fear instead of the courage and conviction to vote in line with what our constitution mandates.

Our country supports terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood and calls it democracy. Our President chooses what laws to enforce and makes dictates to undermine laws created. Our government spends us into financial oblivion and now places a new massive tax burden on our shoulders while the burden we’re already carrying has us weak in the knees. Compounding that problem is that the burden will only serve to destroy our healthcare system.

What a sad day for the cause of freedom! Maybe we need a revolution to take back our freedom, as our Constitution, which was designed to avoid war and allow for peaceful change is being tread on by all three branches of government. The country is in a disgraceful state of lawlessness and a complete mess.

If you listen closely, you might be able to hear Samuel Adams, the father of the American revolution screaming from his grave.


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